Through Corridors Bright
Hertz and Spivey
Begin at the End Half Way Through
Dead City Shaman
Imaginary Folklore
Marcel Roca
Michael Meara
Jack Hertz
The Last Songs of a Dying Tribe
Jack Hertz

Aural Films Fourth World Music Project 2018

As promised, we are back in 2018 with something special and new. Aural Films will be traveling the globe to present new Fourth World Music. Stay tuned for a series of brand new CD releases and other projects that you won't want to miss. Fourth World Music artists, we are interested in releasing and re-issuing your out of print music. Please contact to us about publishing your project with Aural Films - Read More

About Fourth World Music

For decades, Jon Hassell has been developing a philosophy of both playing and composing that he calls “fourth world,” which he says is “a term to describe the possibility of music in global terms – beyond First World, beyond Third World, beyond classical, beyond pop.” He’s described fourth world as an ideal blend of traditional music from around the world with Western forms and modern electronics, forming a kind of contemporary folk music from “unknown and imaginary regions - Read More


Aural Films is a online record label that publishes soundtrack albums for movies that do not exist - Read More

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