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Aural Films have a limited number of the the Fog Music Pods that are designed for true ambient listening. The MP3 Player + Speaker combo comes pre-loaded with all 24 hours of the Aural Films Fog Music series featuring 40 artists from around the world.

The Music Pods have a battery inside that is charged by USB. They can run about 4-6 hours on a singe charge. Includes a combo audio-cable and USB charger to play it over your stereo or computer if you want full fidelity sound.

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San Francisco Fog Music Festival 2015

The events taking place January 28th through 31st at the Second Act in San Francisco, California.Featured a diverse selection of artists working in a wide spectrum of styles. From the avant-garde, to popular, to the spiritual. With some of the area's most innovative artists performing Fog inspired works on acoustic, electronic and invented instrumentation.

See video images and more from the Fog Festival Here

 Fog Music Project

The Fog Music Series was a project to documenting 24 hours of Fog Music by artists from around the world. Started in June 2014, and completed in March 2015. The series produced 40 album releases that have been presented in three volumes of 8 hours each. Click on each of the images below to listen to the albums in each volume.