Aural Films is excited to introduce the Krell Music Compilation project. One of the most memorable parts of the 1956 science fiction film "Forbidden Planet" was the mysterious extinction of the inhabitants of Altair VI known as, the Krell. A highly advanced race that developed highly advanced technologies.

Among them, a strangely compelling music unlike anything heard, or seen before. Played by the fantastic, Krell Music Box (shown right). Today, we know the music of the Krell to be the work of Bebe and Louis Barron. Who's innovative work with electronic music and soundtrack scores. Created a world that still inspires sound designers.

Krell Music Compilation

That's where you come in! Aural Films is calling on sound artists to imagine it is 1956. You have been commissioned to record a Krell Music composition to be used in Forbidden Planet at any point in the film. Choose any concept, person, place, scene, setting, or other aspect to write some Krell music for - in any way you like. Considering we don't know much about the Krell. You are encouraged to do something different, radical even. The challenge is to keep it KRELL! 

Project Details

  • The project is open to everyone who is willing to create their own, original Krell Music.
  • Compositions must be related to the Krell in some aspect that can be demonstrated.
  • Submissions that do not show plausible relevance to the Krell, may be refused.
  • Compositions can be made with any kind of instrumentation, or style of music. 
  • Only completed projects will be accepted for publication.
  • Original sound works only - No copyright material accepted.*
  • Compilation release Monday October 29th, just in time for Halloween!
  • Submissions have ended. We are no longer accepting tracks for the project.

*NOTE - Due to legal reasons. We cannot accept submissions that use sounds  
from the original film,  Bebe and Louis Barron, or other copyrighted audio.

Track Requirements

  • All tracks should be mastered and ready for release.
  • Tracks lengths should be between 2 to 5 mins.
  • Formats accepted: FLAC, AIF, WAV - FLAC is recommended.
  • Please state your licensing preferce as CC or Copyright.
  • All tracks, artwork, and notes must be delivered together in a .zip file. 
  • Link to a sharing service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer - Do not use SoundCloud or Google Drive.
  • Incomplete submissions and or broken links will be ignored - PLEASE, CHECK YOUR LINKS!