Raymond Scott
Biography 2: Various Artists

Available now on Digital Download and 2-CD set: 

The Aural Films Biography Series represents artists by featuring retrospective collections that  re-introduce the public to those who have been working for decades in music and art.  Following our initial Biography release featuring artist Thomas Park, Aural Films continues  with volume 2 in the Biography Series with a special tribute to the work of Raymond Scott.  

Born in 1908, Raymond Scott is the most famous American composer, inventor, innovator and visionary people didn't know they knew. From his near ubiquitous cartoon music, to his  electronic instruments before their time, it took 50 years for the world to catch up with his  ideas that are so prevalent in popular music today. Unfortunately, Raymond Scott left us in  1994 before he had a chance to hear the future he envisioned. 

In the Summer of 2016, Aural Films reached out to audio and video artists from around the  world to create their very own tribute to Raymond Scott's legacy and the many great things  that were brought to life by Manhattan Research Inc. The response was hugely positive  resulting in over 57 artists participating and offering a diverse set of original tracks showing the impression that Scott's legacy made in the field of Music and Art. The 57 artists appearing  on the tribute are: 

3bc, A Multitude of One, Ars Sonor, ASYMMETROI FAROI, Audio Obscura, bertuf,  Butsenzeller, Carolyn Fok, Christian Fiesel, Cousin Silas, Crystal Awarenes, Doug Lynner,  DR, Diledadafish, Dixie Treichel, Eisenlager,Former Descent,Forrest Fang, Frank  Niehusmann, FrankPanucci, Garage Jazz Architects, Harwie, Ian Haygreen, Jack Hertz, Jeff  Chenault, John Wiggins, Jon Johnson, Jules Verne Theory, Jupiter Tuning Center, Lee  Rosevere, Luca Proietti, Marco Cella, Martin Neuhold, Mean Flow, Michael Brückner, Michael  Meara, Mike Thomson, Muied Lumens, Mystified, NervePincher, NO THING, Okhotskpcn,  Peter Davidson, PHOBoS, Pimp Daddy Nash, PinWizz, r1ffm4n!!, RAB!D, rizwerks, Ryszard  Lagodka, Saul Wes, SpaceBrane, Stephen Michael Burkart, Tim Kays, Todd Barton,  trabouliste & Wilke. 

The Raymond Scott Biography project has the support of Reckless Night LLC, the trust that  oversees Scott's library and ongoing legacy. With this, the project's music will be added to theRaymond Scott Library. Stan Warnow, director of the "Deconstructing Dad" (2010)  documentary film about his father's life, had this to say about the music produced for this  project: 

“Listening to these tracks was a succession of aural delights. It's a remarkable  collection that is a fitting tribute to my Dad--many tracks clearly directly descended (and  sometimes sampled) from his electronic work. The word channeling is often used very loosely but in this case it's totally appropriate for those tracks--as if my father were still alive and  revisiting his work from 50 years ago. But others are just as delightful as original stand alone  works inspired by Raymond Scott. And knowing so many talented musicians from all over the world were inspired to create these works is a new inspiration for those of us who have been  working for many years to ensure and enlarge Raymond Scott's musical legacy. I know my  father would have been thrilled to be honored in this way.” -Stan Warnow, Son of Raymond  Scott” 

The Raymond Scott Biography project will be released on Septemeber 10, 2016, Raymond  Scott's birthday, as a digital download and a 2 Compact Disc audio set. There is also an  original tribute video from artist Saul Wes. The Raymond Scott Biography project is available  from Aural Films at https://auralfilms.bandcamp.com/album/biography-raymond-scott 

About Raymond Scott

Raymond Scott was a composer, bandleader, arranger, engineer, orchestra conductor, electronic music pioneer, inventor, and philosopher-visionary. Fans of Warner Bros.  Cartoons will recognize pieces such as "Powerhouse", "Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry  Cannibals" and "War Dance for Wooden Indians" to name a few of his early compositions.  Later, Scott's Manhattan Research became an innovator in electronic music instrument  design, production, and composition for commercial and corporate branding promotion and  popular music such as Motown Records. His unique inventions allowed him to create futuristic sounds that were highly in-demand in advertising new digital computers, consumer  electronics, and other space-age products. For the complete biographic story on Raymond  Scott and the many achievements of this great American artist. More about Raymond Scott  can be found online at http://raymondscott.net 

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